Don Miller Jr. owner of MdAuctions.com

Don Miller Jr. owner of MdAuctions.com

Bringing You the Competitive Edge

My Background and How It Helps You

When it comes to foreclosures and real estate auctions in Maryland, you can spend a lot of time searching numerous websites and newspaper listings trying to find viable foreclosures and home auctions. In effort to save you – the serious real estate investor or home buyer – time and money, I created the MDAuctions website.

Before my launch out of the gate into the real estate market – namely, Maryland home and real estate auctions and investments – I was racing thoroughbred horses as a professional jockey.

From 1980 through 1996, I competed in nearly 20,000 races and won 2,890 of them. These weren’t just any races. They were high-profile and fiercely competitive: Preakness, Belmont, Kentucky Derby, and Breeders Cup.

I mention this because what I experienced in the world of high-stakes professional racing continues to fuel my highly competitive (and highly successful) approach to the Maryland home and real estate auctions and investments market.

Knowing what it takes to win, and what contributes to a loss, has shaped and honed my business acumen in the real estate market to a fine edge.

Shaping an Idea that Can Support Your Efforts

You can win (or lose) a race by a millisecond, a mere whisker on your horse’s nose. The same goes for real estate, whether you’re buying or selling.

My competitive straight-forward approach is far more informed and integrated than the usual “buy low, sell high” mentality. My former career as a jockey indelibly impressed on me the need to be nimble, to aggressively seek out opportunities, and to thread your way through and around obstacles to achieve your final goal.

For 10 years I was one of three partners in one of the largest real estate auction companies in Maryland and the U.S., where I saw many missed opportunities in the industry. To better capitalize on these circumstances, I opened my own auction company, Excel Auction.

One glaring absence in the Maryland real estate market was the lack of organized collection of viable home auctions and foreclosures in the state. This lack of focused resources was the inspiration for the MDAuctions website.

Today, MDAuctions is the only real estate auction and foreclosure aggregation website in Maryland and it is currently being developed to serve the needs of investors and home buyers throughout the country.

Discover the Power of Aggregated Auction and Foreclosure Results

Whether you are an investor or a potential home owner, if you are competing in the Maryland foreclosure and real estate auction market, a membership to MDAuctions will give you the competitive edge you need.

Don’t invest your time and energy in cancelled auctions or hours of research to find a list of houses you may be interested in viewing. Instead, sign up for an MDAuctions membership today and invest your resources in the actual real estate transactions. Get access to these valuable listings as soon as you sign up!

P.S. If you are an investor and need assistance from a Licensed Real Estate professional, I am the broker for Don Miller Realty and I can be reached most anytime to help answer your questions. Visit my website here (page will open in a new window).