Saving You Valuable Time and Money

If you subscribed to all of the Maryland newspapers that list real estate auctions and foreclosures, you would pay well over $2,300 per year and would waste hours combing through the listings trying to find the auctions for properties that interest you.

MDAuctions is your single source for up-to-date real estate auctions and foreclosure listings.

Your Small Investment Can Generate a Big Payoff
For less than $2 per week, you could get a two-year membership to MDAuctions where you will save not only money, but also something even more valuable: your time. As an aggregation website, MDAuctions compiles real estate auctions and foreclosure listings from numerous sources and makes them available in one place.

With a membership to MDAuctions, you will get:

  • Access to thousands of current auctions and foreclosure listings with multiple fields of data from the Maryland Department of Assessment and Taxation
  • Daily or weekly email alerts (depending on your preference) of newly listed real estate auctions and any auction cancellations
  • Easy-to-use search utility to personalize auction and foreclosure results
  • The ability to search for auction cancellations – saving you unnecessary trips to cancelled auctions


Your Single Source for Maryland Foreclosures and Public Auctions

There is no need to scour websites and newspapers for home auctions and foreclosures – some of which may be outdated. Utilize the aggregated data at MDAuctions to get up-to-date listings.

At MDAuctions, you can find listings for all types of Maryland real estate auctions, including:

  • Trustee and substitute trustee auctions
  • Secured creditor auctions
  • Government and bank-owned auctions
  • Tax auctions
  • Foreclosure auctions
  • Court-ordered auctions
  • Public auctions


Don’t Be Fooled by Some “Foreclosure Listings”
Some other websites offer “foreclosure listings” that are no more than a list of “lis pendens” (suit pending) real estate transactions, which only acknowledge that the bank has filed a suit to collect money owed. These listings do not give any information on the foreclosure auction itself.

These websites may also include foreclosed homes in their foreclosure listings. Different from foreclosure auctions, foreclosed properties have already been foreclosed upon and are typically owned by the lender. (You don’t need an auction website for foreclosed real estate – they can be found in the MLS.)

With a membership with MDAuctions, you will have access to true foreclosure auctions in Maryland. More than just a listing, you will get the important details regarding the auction for the foreclosure, including home description (if available), required deposit price, and time, date, and location of the auction.

Experienced Investor or Novice – Membership Can Benefit You
Whether you are a veteran real estate investor or just getting started, the resources of MDAuctions can assist you.

Real Estate Investor
As a serious investor, you don’t have time or money to waste. A membership with MDAuctions gives you the convenience and value you need. With easy search functionality and up-to-date real estate auction and foreclosure listings (including cancellations) in one place, MDAuctions can help you find great investment deals while saving you time and money. Learn more about real estate investor benefits.

Home Owner
Finding a great deal on a second home or rental property can be cumbersome. If you are ready to try the auction and foreclosure market, get the research you need to save money with an MDAuctions membership. Learn more about benefits for home owners.

First-time Home Buyer
The foreclosure market holds great appeal for first-time home buyers looking to get an amazing home at a bargain price. Because of the intricacies involved in real estate auctions, contact MDAuctions to get help from a qualified real estate agent or check out a weekly or monthly membership to get a glimpse at what we offer.

Make the Smart Real Estate Investment Move
Let MDAuctions do the searching for you. With over 90 percent of Maryland’s current real estate auctions and foreclosure listings available in one place, MDAuctions can help you find the investments worth bidding on. Sign up for a membership and start searching today.